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The Department of Design is housed in two adjacent buildings on the north end of Western's campus. Our spaces support both digital and analog design practices including computer labs, drawing and multipurpose classrooms, a BFA studio, critique room with touch screen monitor, screen printing room, editing bays, and a large press room. We aim to provide our students with all of the tools and toys necessary to stay creative and efficient.

2 Mac computer labs

2 analog studios

2 private editing rooms

BFA studio

Critique room

Press room

Production room

Screenprinting room

Production lab
Production Lab

The Department of Design is fortunate to have a fully-operational production lab that is open to students five days a week. The lab provides students access to equipment commonly used in the industry and establishes a learning environment that allows for hands-on education. The 1,390 square-foot production lab includes the following equipment: a laser cutter, swing arm and hydraulic paper cutters, various bindery machines including perfect binding units, medium and large format inkjet printers, and two Vandercook proofing letterpresses.

110 computer lab
Computer Labs

The Department utilizes two computer labs. The labs give students an opportunity to utilize equipment and technology that enhances their topics of study. The general facility is open 24 hours and has twenty-four 21.5" iMacs with the latest design software. Both labs are equipped with twenty 27-inch iMacs hosting the latest applications including the Adobe Creative Suite and Sketch, as well as scanners, b&w printers, overhead digital projection, and fast Internet access. In addition, the lab has two editing bays with 27" iMacs and Maxon One and Dragonframe software and an attached presentation room. Design students also have access to a variety of equipment within the department including HD cameras, tripods, still camera, green screen, light kit, and the use of a photo studio. There is also access to a larger abundance of equipment through the Academic Technology and User Services.

BFA studio
Classroom Studios

Design has three dedicated classrooms with capacity for 18 students each. They are located in the architectural award-winning Art Annex building across from the main Fine Arts building. The rooms have high ceilings, ample natural light, utility sinks, Wi-Fi, and storage areas.

Screen printing lab
Screenprinting Lab

Students in the Department of Design have access to a fully equipped screen-printing lab, which includes four single color screen printing presses, an exposure unit that can expose a screen in two minutes, and a drying rack that can dry screens in less than an hour. The screen-printing facility gives students an opportunity to integrate the screen-printing process into their class projects and portfolios.