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2024 Outstanding Graduate Award

Congratulations Jade Blue, BFA

Jade Blue

Jade Blue is one of 12 talented students graduating with a Design BFA this Spring. Jade is an excellent design student, exhibited through her high GPA, award-winning work, additional East Asian Studies Minor and Illustration Certificate, commitment to multi-cultural representation, and dedication to building community.

Jade possesses a genuine curiosity about various cultures, often leveraging her graphic design projects to connect with other languages. Her typographic work frequently serves as a bridge between the Roman alphabet and other writing systems, such as Hangul, Hanzi, and Kanji. Jade has catered almost every design project towards an international audience promoting a human-centered approach–from packaging, editorial, motion, to large campaign design. This unique approach brings a fresh cosmopolitan perspective to her graphic design, enriching the classroom environment. She was recognized for her talent by the American Advertising Awards in Seattle and at the District level for her co-creation of a multi-platform promotional animation campaign with student Taylor Truong.

Jade has been an active AS Design Club officer. The club meets every other week for the entire academic year and requires a lot of planning and extracurricular commitment. She has helped organize numerous extended learning opportunities for students as well as attend every workshop offered. Jade herself stated that the club’s “goal is to create a space for those with interest in design, whether casually or career-wise by hosting fun crafting events, design sprints and inviting design professionals to host free workshops for students.” She has been a helpful bridge between the older and younger Design Major cohorts and has been instrumental in adding to the design culture. Jade is a solid and supportive member of the community and has helped the club dramatically transform and grow in popularity.

Jade was nominated for Outstanding Graduate by all of the Design Faculty, who agree that Jade is one of the most humble, hardest working, and engaged students that we have, which all reflects in the high quality of her work. She loves to experiment and is a jack of all trades. She is a delight to be work with and lifts everyone up around her.

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